Finding Ali

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Finding Ali is a lifetime quest.
Each day I discover something new or remember something I had forgotten… about me and my situation.
Some days it makes me smile, others I just hurt… deep, painful hurt.



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Time to give in and add useful applications. WordPress on a phone! Who would have thought it?

Full of good intentions!

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My previous post said I was going to start blogging again; I think I forgot.
I do quite like getting my thoughts on paper though, so I REALLY will keep up with this blog.
I’m planning another trip. It’s a few months away. More details later.
Meanwhile, in preparation for the adventure, I’m busy sorting out my house (again). 

It’s me again


Although my travels are over, I’m still finding out things about myself. After due consideration, I’ve decided to start blogging once again.

I’m back in England and feel as if I am still no further forward in my journey of self-discovery… not exactly true, but it’s more a case of two steps forwards, one step back, which implies I’m making a slow progress.

Since my return I’ve made many new friends – mostly in the West Midlands, I’ve nurtured ones that were growing limp and I’ve neglected (unintentionally) others.

One of the largest groups of friends I am developing at the moment is from a website that I joined to learn how to teach English as a foreign language. They are from all over the world and appear extremely grateful for the few “lessons” I’ve given already. Individual personalities are shining through and nice acquaintanceships are developing. Many times they have asked me to record my voice saying a particular phrase, word or to explain an idiom, slang word or just to hear my accent. I’m flattered but it confirms all the more, my need to be needed.

I can’t work out whether I get involved with groups that are ostensibly marginalised because I think the work will be of value and I’ll get that all important “thank you” or whether I was destined to be involved in such work and communities because I am selfish and need to be needed – and have always needed reassurance, recognition and acceptance to survive. Either way, I do no harm (almost the Hippocratic Oath), hope I do some good and gain a great deal from it.

It extends into my social life.

The one thing that always hurts me is when I am accused of being insensitive when I have gone out of my way to ensure I am tactful, respectful and considered in my words or deeds. Of course, like any other human, I can be careless, but that doesn’t hurt as much; I can reason with myself that it was a stupid mistake and I can take actions not to be such an idiot in the future – sometimes it even works.

I have big decisions to make and I want to make the right one, for the right reason. I don’t want to be accused of being selfish because I’ve put an awful lot of thought, energy and sleepless nights in finding the conclusion that will make me happy. I need to find true happiness (is that possible?!) or I would settle for more regular moments of happiness, opportunities for planned happiness or even schedule some in (I know what I mean by that). To do that I need to make some drastic changes to my life. 

More to come…



You are no doubt learning about the current fighting in Cairo, I know I am. It’s important to know whether it is safe for me to travel there on Friday. My friends Nicola and Julie live far from Tahrir Square, but of course the closer the election date gets the more frustrated the Egyptians appear to be getting and the more fighting is happening.

I might just extend my stay here in Hurghada then catch a ferry to Sharm then another over to Aqaba before returning to England via Sharm once more. I’ll keep you posted and not take risks. Promise.

The journey from Luxor to Hurghada


I travelled here yesterday (17th) on the 3rd class bus: their classification, not mine. I wouldn’t have rated it that high. I felt downright filthy by the time I disembarked.

An Egyptian family joined my journey at Qena and felt free to monopolise every inch of space that was mine, they sat one adult and one child each side of the aisle. Fortunately there was a break in the journey and I offered to move – we were all very grateful.

I for one was hungry on the 6 hour journey that was supposed to be only 3.5 hours. I had tried to eat something surreptitiously but the starving little boy of about 2 or three spotted it and begged. How could I continue?!  A seat swap moved me away a little.

When the child cried he was duly thumped by both parents. He stopped crying, promptly peed all over his dad who threw him onto the mother who was already holding a baby and the mother thumped him for that too.

I was physically and emotionally drained by the time I arrived.

I’m staying in the lap of luxury compared to the abodes of some. I took a little vid of the view from my balcony – from a room I was upgraded to on arrival. The vid is still uploading so I don’t know if I can show it here but I’ll try. (IF I can it’ll be an “edit” later)

I’ve already extended my stay here, I feel weak, weary and not 100%, hopefully it won’t amount to anything other than the tiredness I suspect.

I’m going to do some back-dated posts, look out for them. I had lunch at the Old Catarct; I’ve spent time learning how to weave and Baba has had a rare old time.

Nice to read your comments, see who is actually reading this.


At last an update


It’s been a month of travel, experiences and extensive photography since I last updated this blog, so sorry. I’ve been full of good intentions but synchronising time, inclination and internet connection has been the obstacle.

I am still in Egypt, currently in Aswan. I spent a couple of weeks or so in Luxor and travelled here to Aswan on Monday. I have actually developed a facebook page for Baba, thought it easier to upload pictures and a bit of a blog there. You can find it and see photos of Baba’s antics here

Yesterday morning I spent reflecting – at exactly 11.11 on the 11.11.2011 I was sailing back to Aswan from the Phillae Temple – a magical and exciting place. Hopefully you can link to an album to see some of the photos I took whilst there.



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